• Yuriko Shibata 

    Songwriter, vocalist, backup vocalist, pianist,

    keyboardist, computers (hardware and software),

    electronic technology, music business entrepreneur

    Welcome to Yuriko's world. I'm from Tokyo, Japan, 22 years old, funky girl.

    My music is like the hot spring that gushes out from the underground to the surface. It

    bursts out of my inner core, full of energy and creative power, please enjoy!


    I play the keyboard instruments, guitar, sing, arrange, produce, compose, make plans, make music scores, use technology.


  • Biography

    I'm graduating from the Tokyo College of Music. Major is Composition, film and broadcasting course.

    My musical education began with classical piano lessons when I was three. By the time I was in elementary school, I could play theme songs from video games and Japanese anime on the piano by ear. Listening once was enough for me to recreate anything accurately. I belonged to a pipe organ club all throughout middle school and high school. And I also started an American Pop music cover band by gathering musicians in high school, writing out music for all the instruments, and instructing the band members on arrangements as a leader. After that, I came to love to compose many genres of music. Thanks to a course at my college that examines the past and current state of pop music in the 20th century using visual and audio reference materials, I am familiar with all pop genre music of all eras around the world. I also studied jazz piano, guitar, harmonic counterpoint, music engineering, film score analysis and orchestration at that time.


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  • I want to remain as a nail that sticks out.

    The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. This is an old Japanese proverb.

    If you do something that seems out of the ordinary, you are forced to conform to the

    surroundings—this is still the norm in Japan today. But, I decided early on that I want to stay as a nail that sticks out and do something creative everyday.


    My music will represent a mixture of American commercial music balanced with Japanese influenced beats and instruments.

    In addition, I would like to take an element of a musical phrase from the past and the cultures from many countries that has always captivated me, and build upon it to make music that sounds and feels completely fresh.

    Globally, I want to see everyone dance to my music.